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4H and FFA Livestock Judging Results

Here is a listing of the animals shown by Winneshiek County 4H/FFA members that have been judged best in their class:

4H/FFA Beef Show:
     Grand Champion Market Beef Steer.  Details
     Reserve Champion Market Beef Steer.  Details.
     Champion Lightweight Steer.  Details.
     Reserve Champion Lightweight Steer. Details.
     Champion Middleweight Steer. Details.
     Reserve Champion Middleweight Steer. Details.
     Champion Heavyweight Steer.  Details.
     Reserve Champion Heavyweight Steer. Details.
     Grand Champion Market Heifer.  Details.
     Reserve Grand Champion Market Heifer.  Details. 
     Grand Champion Dairy Steer.  Details
     Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Steer.  Details.
     Champion Purebred Breeding Beef Female.  Details.
     Reserve Champion Purebred Breeding Beef Female.  Details.
     Champion Crossbred Breeding Beef.  Details 
     Reserve Champion Crossbred Breeding Beef.  Details.
     Supreme Champion Breeding Beef.  Details.
     Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Beef.  Details.
4H/FFA Swine Show:
     Grand Champion Derby Pig.  Details
     Reserve Champion Derby Pig.  Details
     Champion Derby Barrow.  Details
     Reserve Champion Derby Barrow.  Details
     Champion Derby Gilt.  Details
     Reserve Champion Derby Gilt.  Details.
     Grand Champion Market Pig.  Details
     Reserve Grand Champion Market Pig.  Details
     Champion Market Barrow.  Details.  Details.
     Reserve Champ Market Barrow.  Details.
     Champion Market Gilt.  Details.  Details.
     Reserve Champion Market Gilt.  Details. 
     Collegiate Showmanship.  Details
     Senior Showmanship.  Details
     Intermediate Showmanship.  Details
     Junior Showmanship. Details
4H/FFA Dairy Show:
     Overall Supreme Champion and Overall Reserve Supreme Champion.  Details. 
     Supreme Junior Champion and Reserve Supreme Junior Champion.  Details.
     Ayshire Breed Grand Champion.  Details.
     Ayshire Senior Champion.  Details.
     Ayshire Junior Champion.  Details.
     Brown Swiss Breed Grand Champion. Details.
     Brown Swiss Senior Champion.  Details
     Brown Swiss Junior Champion.  Details.
     Guernsey Breed Grand Champion.  Details.
     Guernsey Senior Champion.  Details.
     Guernsey Junior Champion.  Details.
     Holstein Breed Grand Champion.  Details.
     Holstein Senior Champion.  Details.
     Holstein Junior Champion.  Details.
     Jersey Breed Grand Champion.  Details.
     Jersey Senior Champion.  Details.
     Jersey Junior Champion.  Details.
     Milking Shorthorn Breed Grand Champion.  Details.
     Milking Shorthorn Senior Champion.  Details.
4H/FFA Horse Show
     Grand Champion Horse and Reserve Grand Champion Horse.  Details. 
     Grand Champion Pony and Reserve Grand Champion Pony.  Details.
     Supreme Champion Mare.  Details.
     Supreme Champion Gelding. Details.
     Supreme Grand Champion Draft Horse.  Details.
     Collegiate Showmanship. Details.
     Senior Showmanship. Details.
     Intermediate Showmanship.  Details.
     Junior Showmanship.  Details.
4H/FFA Dog Show:
     Dog Agility--Grand Champion and Reserve Champion.  Details.
     Dog Agility--Fourth Level.  Details.
     Dog Agility--Third Level.  Details.
     Dog Agility--Second Level.  Details.
     Dog Agility--First Level.  Details.
     Dog Obedience Grand & Reserve Champions.  Details.
     Dog Obedience Champion Novice. Details
     Dog Rally--1st Level.  Details.
     Dog Rally--Grand and Reserve Champions.  Details
     Dog Junior Showmanship.  Details.
     Dog Intermediate Showmanship.  Details.
     Dog Senior Showmanship.  Details
     Dog Collegiate Showmanship.  Details
4H/FFA Goat Show
     Champion Breeding Meat Goat Female.  Details.
     Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion Meat Goats.  Details.
     Champion and Reserve Champion Market Meat Goats.  Details.
     Collegiate Showmanship.  Details
     Senior Showmanship.  Details
     Intermediate Showmanship.  Details.
     Junior Showmanship.  Details.
4H/FFA Rabbit Show:
     Champion & Reserve Champion Roaster Pen of 3.  Details.
     Champion Single Fryer.  Details.
     Champion & Reserve Champion Commercial.  Details.
     Supreme & Reserve Best of Show.  Details.
     College Showmanship.  Details. 
     Senior Showmanship.  Details.
     Intermediate and Junior Showmanship.  Details. 
4H/FFA Poultry Show:
     Champion Market Pens.  Details.
     Champion Cockerel.  Details
     Champion Hen.  Details.
     Champion Pullet.  Details.
     Champion Cock.  Details.
     Champion Waterfowl.  Details.
     Champion Exotic.  Details.
     Supreme Champion Fowl.  Details.
     Collegiate Showmanship.  Details.
     Senior Showmanship.  Details.
     Intermediate Showmanship.  Details.
    Junior Showmanship.  Details.
4H/FFA Sheep Show:
     Sheep show results.  Details